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    Learning and Teaching Practice Experts Group Meeting

    July 12th, 2012

    ‘Yesterday (July 11th 2012) we attended the JISC Learning and Teaching Practice Experts Group meeting to give feedback on, and share, the success of the ALLE learner journey to date. Together with Lyn Greaves who runs the ALLE, we presented different perspectives on the project – from the viewpoint of a student Learning Objects creator and a student who used them. This was important for demonstrating the power of what students can do for other students, recognising that the tools created by students were the ones that other students found most helpful. As an extension to this we also shared the news of our ‘Students 4 Students’ approach to our FfIL project and had some very interesting questions that have proved useful in bringing to light some additional areas for thought.’

    New Project Underway!

    July 5th, 2012

    Under the acronym FFIL, ‘Feed-forward for Informed Learning,’ the new JISC project has begun. Our aim is to help students with the ongoing problem of how best to utilise feedback and its importance with regards to improving their academic studies through the use of learning objects and accompanied by a newly designed Wiki website.

    On Tuesday 26th June 2012, the first dissemination event was held, when the FFIL project was presented to the University of West London at the 2012 Teaching and Learning Conference. The reaction was very encouraging and we were met with a reception of nodding heads with particular interest from the Chair of our session; Megan Lawton, University of Wolverhampton.

    This marked the first collaboration of our group, as we all came together to present the individual areas we are managing. There was a clear sense of enthusiasm amongst the UWL staff during our presentation, especially due to the unique concept of a project designed for undergraduates and run entirely by students. Certain familiar faces of IT staff and supervising tutors reinforced how pleased we are to be working within the security of the University, whilst having the freedom to work in a way which suits us and reflects the student perspective. We are looking forward to meeting future users and developers of the learner objects, (online tools) produced using the ‘GLOmaker’ tool at further dissemination events, as well as sharing our Online Help Gateway with others.

    If you are interested in more information about the project or future events, please get in touch with us: joanne.driscoll@ex.uwl.ac.uk.

    We hope to be in touch with you soon for more updates on our project.