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    Project Output


    Academic JourneyLearning Journeys

    3 learning journeys have been developed:

    • The academic journey
    • The library learning journey
    • Digital tools for learning.

    A prototype of the journeys was used with over 200 students at the University of West London and London Met. It was thoroughly evaluated, and has been refined in light of user (student and tutor) feedback. At the end of the project it will be available for other institutions to download and adapt (using the GLO Maker authoring tool – see below).

    See the Learning Journeys: http://hermes.uwl.ac.uk/learnerjourney

    Android Mobile App

    As part of the ALLE project an App has been produced for Android phones. This Mobile GLO Player for Android will be made available in the very near future, and a link will be posted here at that time.

    GLO Maker logoGLO Maker authoring tool

    All the learning journey resources were developed using the GLO Maker authoring tool (developed by the RLO-CETL). This is free and open source. To download it, go to the GLO Maker website: http://www.glomaker.org (if you are using a work machine check that you have download rights). The website also provides video guides on the ‘Guides’ page on how to use the tool.

    GLO Maker produces generative learning objects (GLOs), which can be modified/adapted. You can download individual GLOs from the ‘GLO Samples’ page on the website onto your local computer. You can then use GLO Maker to play with and adapt these to produce your own personal variants. See the animated guides in the ‘Guides’ page for a demonstration of how to do this.

    There is also a GLO Maker Wiki. This can be accessed from the community tab on the website, or directly at: http://glomaker.wetpaint.com There is ‘Gallery’ page listing multimedia GLO examples developed by members of the community.

    Pre-test questionnaire results

    The first part of our evaluation strategy was to give students a pre-test questionnaire, asking them to rate their skill levels in the areas covered by the Learning Journeys. We also included some of the questions from the JISC Learners’ Experiences of e-Learning’ projects ‘Learner profile’ questionnaire, to provide baseline data about students ownership of digital devices and use of digital technologies.

    See pre-test questionnaire results [PDF file]